Hurricane Irma Update #9 - Dated 9/12/2017

Good afternoon. The evacuation order was lifted this morning and everyone is welcome to return to the island. We have had members of our team survey each community and are in the process of reporting back to your Board of Directors. Most of us are breathing a sigh of relief, but there is still work to do. Some properties in the south Sea Pines area are still inaccessible due to high flood waters and are also without power. CSA and Palmetto Electric are working on these issues diligently. Several communities experienced significant flooding and most properties have a fair amount of debris on the ground. Each landscape contractor and pool service contractor have already been contacted and clea

Hurricane Irma - Update #8 - Dated 9/11/2017

With the worst of the storm past, there are reports of damage throughout Hilton Head Island and the Lowcountry, the majority of which is damage from rising water. For the most part, water and sewer service seem to be intact but there are still several areas that do not have power. Palmetto Electric is also concerned that the high tide this evening around midnight could re-flood certain areas and inundate transformers again. This evening, our first response team visited as many properties as we could and will be visiting more tomorrow to assess the damage. It has come to our attention that the evacuation order may be lifted tomorrow morning, but with the worst of the storm only diminishing la

Hurricane Irma Update #7 - Dated 9/11/2017

Beaufort County Sheriff’s Department Advisory: Hurricane Irma Update: Urging residents and guests to avoid driving, especially on bridges, conditions deteriorating. Weather conditions have rapidly deteriorated as of this morning. We urge residents and guests to stay indoors and avoid driving, especially on bridges, as wind gusts have been reported at over 60 miles per hour in northern and southern Beaufort County. Thousands of power outages have also been reported, so far mostly in northern Beaufort County. Conditions are expected to get worse later this morning into late afternoon today. Sheriff's Office Emergency Management is closely monitoring the storm and we will keep you updated with

Hurricane Irma - Update #6 - Dated 9/10/2017

Hurricane Irma has made it’s much anticipated turn to the north and made landfall this morning in the Florida Keys as a powerful Category 4 storm. She is now back out over water and barreling toward the southwest coast of Florida. Although we are somewhat encouraged by the shift of the forecast track slightly to the west, the South Carolina Lowcountry is not out of the woods yet. We are still expected to get tropical storm force winds and most importantly, we are expected to receive a significant amount of storm surge. What makes the surge even more dangerous is the fact that the impact from Irma is currently forecasted to hit right at a higher than normal high tide at midday tomorrow. Pleas

Hurricane Irma Update #5

Hilton Head Island Residents, Please EVACUATE. A mandatory evacuation has been ordered for Hilton Head and Jenkins Island. The nearest shelter is Bluffton High School and will be open on Sunday at 9a.m. Once you evacuate, you will not be allowed to return until the evacuation order has been lifted. The re-entry hotline: 1-800-963-5023. Beaufort County is under hurricane watch, to include a storm surge watch. This means hurricane conditions, with possible sustained hurricane strength winds, and life threatening storm surge inundation (4'-6') are possible within the next 48 hours. The Hilton Head Hospital was closed today at 4 p.m. Unsafe weather conditions and damage will limit or prohibit pu

Hurricane Irma Update #3

Please see below for a very important Hurricane Irma update from your management team. First and foremost, we strongly encourage each of you to make you and your family’s SAFETY your number one priority!! We are continuing to monitor the latest facts and information related to Hurricane Irma and as of this moment, only the possibility of an evacuation this weekend has been announced. In the meantime, below are some very important announcements: While we prepare the common areas of your community for the storm, it would help for owners to also prepare their own properties, including pulling in all items from patios and balconies to prevent them from becoming dangerous projectiles. Please do

Hurricane Irma - Helpful Links

Dear Owners, As you are aware, Gov. Henry McMaster declared a State of Emergency earlier today allowing for state agencies to coordinate efforts if a weather emergency arises. If you were unable to tune in to the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office Hurricane Irma broadcast, you can find the video here: To summarize, THIS IS NOT HURRICANE MATTHEW! This hurricane is an entirely different scenario, which will be more impactful to South Carolina than Hurricane Matthew was, according to the National Hurricane experts. At this time, this storm has been holding strong at a Category 5, however, that is not expected to last. There are currently three potential Hur

HURRICANE IRMA - Important Information for our Owners

As we approach 11 months since Hurricane Matthew impacted the Lowcountry, we are keeping a close eye on another major storm heading toward the Southeast United States in Hurricane Irma. Irma is an extremely powerful storm with current maximum sustained winds of over 180 mph or the largest Category 5 Hurricane in history as it approaches the outer Caribbean Islands. At this point the projected path has it heading toward south Florida but most of the computer models are showing it turning northward at some point. IMC has already begun early storm protocol and will do our best to keep you abreast of the situation. For current updates on Hurricane Irma, please CLICK HERE. CLICK HERE f

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