Hurricane Irma - Helpful Links

Dear Owners, As you are aware, Gov. Henry McMaster declared a State of Emergency earlier today allowing for state agencies to coordinate efforts if a weather emergency arises. If you were unable to tune in to the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office Hurricane Irma broadcast, you can find the video here: To summarize, THIS IS NOT HURRICANE MATTHEW! This hurricane is an entirely different scenario, which will be more impactful to South Carolina than Hurricane Matthew was, according to the National Hurricane experts. At this time, this storm has been holding strong at a Category 5, however, that is not expected to last. There are currently three potential Hurricane Irma scenarios at this time, which are explained in the broadcast. If it comes to a point of evacuation, you have to keep in mind that there are three states that will be evacuating at once. PLEASE be sure to have a strategy in place in the event that a mandatory evacuation is issued and plan to be gone for at least 3 to 5 days minimum. If an evacuation is mandated, please do not plan to re-enter Beaufort County without calling their Re-Entry number first. The Beaufort County re-entry phone number is (800) 963-5023. This line will be active during and post storm. THIS IS THE BEST SOURCE OF INFORMATION FROM BEAUFORT COUNTY FOR RE-ENTRY ONLY. During Hurricane Matthew, there were 144 identified sources giving out Matthew information, most of which was erroneous. Keep in mind, “The reason we leave Beaufort County is because of the water. We Run from the Water, We Hide from the Wind. WE ARE CALLED THE LOW COUNTRY FOR A REASON,” says Lieutenant Colonel Neil Baxley. Due to the circumstances of planning for a possible evacuation, hard copy mailing of this notice is not possible so we ask all of you to please communicate this information to your neighbors who may not have access to email. You can also visit our website for updated information at or follow us on Facebook @IMCHHI. We are also including several helpful links below. HELPFUL RESOURCES:

We will be sure to provide up to date information as we receive it. Again, please heed all warnings and advice for this type of event and stay safe. --Your Staff and Support Team at IMC Resort Services, Inc.

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