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If you would like to sign up for recurring e-check (auto pay), please use the information below


To Set-up A Recurring Payment:  E-Check Payment Portal - Click Here
To Create A New Account: Click here-Create Account


Management ID:        788

Association Code:      123

Account Number:      12345


*For E-check

1.         "Create Account" - Register your email address to receive email confirmations.
2.         You will need your bank routing and bank account information.  

3.         You will need to confirm your email address, please check your email before processing a payment. 


Once in the portal you will click "Add Property"
1.       Click "Add a Property"
2.       Choose a Nickname: (ie: Association Name & Unit Number; Name of Special Assessment)
3.      Enter Management / Association ID / Account Number 
4.       Start Date

5.      Frequency Period: Monthly, Quarterly, Etc.

6.      Amount to Pay

7.      Click Proceed

8.      Summary Page:  IF all is correct, Click "Authorize Payment"

9.      Return to Home Page

After you click Authorize payment, you will receive a confirmation page, as well as an email.
      *Note: the payment portal is separate from the Owners Portal.*


If you have any questions, please contact Accounting at 843-785-4775 ext. 117 or


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