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What to Expect...

The following is a brief list of what to expect from IMC Resort Services, Inc. prior to, during and after a hurricane evacuation.

IMC personnel will begin evacuation on the first notice of voluntary evacuation from Emergency Management. We have the important information of our associations to protect, as well as our own personal belongings and lives.

We do not have anything to do with any individual owners’ personal effects including but not limited to patio / porch furniture, utilities, etc. We trust that you have a personal disaster plan and procedure in place.

We do not install any type of window or door protection.

We will secure the pool area

We do monitor all available information sources for updates

We will use all available communication devices to make our status and the association’s status available to all Board members and owners. In the event our website is not available, please dial 843-785-4775 and we will return your call as soon as possible. Or email your direct association manager for assistance.

As soon as we are able to return to the area, we will send our teams out to evaluate each association, mitigate damage and losses and report back to the Board(s)

All of our emails should remain active throughout any event as we are hosted by the Microsoft “cloud” and are not dependent on our server or any local providers.



Hurricane Resources

Please refer to the following information if you have any questions or concerns regarding hurricane evacuations, information or reentry procedures.

You may contact Beaufort County Emergency Management Department Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at 843.470.3100.

The State of South Carolina's toll-free Public Information Phone System (PIPS) 866.246.0133 is also provided to disseminate accurate evacuation and shelter information during a hurricane evacuation to citizens and visitors in South Carolina.

You may visit the Beaufort County website at and click on Emergency Management for information.


Following a hurricane landfall, during the reentry/recovery phase, you may call this toll free number to get up-to-date information regarding conditions in Beaufort County 877.238.2021.

Preparation Guidelines

National Hurricane Center

Weather Underground

The Weather Channel

Tropical Storm & Hurricane Information

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