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Key & Privacy Policies

At IMC, we require (2) keys for every Condominium we manage. Owners in a Condominium complex are required to provide working keys to their villa as mandated by the governing documents. One (1) set is used for scheduled pest control services; the other is used for emergency access to the condo (water leak, fire, welfare check, etc.)

  • Once received, an IMC employee logs the key(s) in (date received, villa complex, unit number, who dropped the key(s) off and how many originals). In addition, the recipient is identified in the log by their initials.

  • No keys are identifiable to the villa except by IMC personnel. ALL keys are stored in secure boxes that are encrypted so that only IMC personnel are able to identify the encryption.

Signing Keys Out

At IMC Resort Services we take our responsibility for keys very seriously.

  • Keys are only released to authorized individuals and are not to be kept overnight.

  • When owners authorize individuals to pick up a key, we ask that they give the individual a “safe” word that they in turn give to management as well. 

  • When the individual picks up the key, management verifies that the individual picking up the key has the “safe” word and can recite it to management.

  • Management will only release keys to authorized individuals such as pest control, property managers or individuals that the owners have given us written permission to release the key to.

  • In an instance where an owner has given authorization for a vender, etc. to access their villa, IMC maintains a log of individuals that have been granted access.

  • The authorization log is checked before a key is released and “safe” word is verified.

  • If the person looking to pick up a key is not listed or doesn’t know the “safe” word, they will be denied the key.

  • When the keys are signed out, the vendor is told that the keys must be back by the end of business that same day (4:30 p.m.).

  • When management signs keys out to pest control, the pest control schedule is verified to make sure that the complex is scheduled to be treated on that day.

  • Through pest control services, our goal is to learn of keys that are no longer working or haven’t been provided.

  • When that is the instance, we notify owners if we don’t have working keys to their villas (via notification of missed service) and we ask that they supply us with working keys.

  • Every morning, we review the keys that had been signed out the previous business day but not returned and the reviewer reports to a supervisor.

  • If keys are not returned, the vendor is contacted and notified that the keys must be returned ASAP otherwise a $50.00 fee is charged to that vendor.

Keyless Entry 

Many owners are switching to keypads for their door locks. We require that owners notify management of their codes/expiration dates so that we can update our records and regular pest control schedules can be met as well as emergency access is available, should it be needed.

The term key is used interchangeable with code, if it applies.









Lock Outs - IMC Resort Services, Inc. DOES NOT provide a lock out service.  Please contact your rental agent and/or a locksmith. 



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